NFT pre-sale collaboration

Pre-sell NFTs to a high quality pool of investors & web3 power users
AssetDash and Helio now offer an easy, secure & powerful NFT Pre-sales solution for creators to help you gain momentum and increase sales in the run-up to mint.
The platform is fully self-serve and 1,000s of projects have used Helio to pre-sell their NFT drops in excess of $25M. Creators launch pre-sales offerings via ‘Pay-Links’, mini storefronts that can be spun up in a few clicks and are fully customised with powerful features such as Allowlisting, Discord gating, Qty limits, Discounts and more. In partnership with AssetDash, you can now reach a pool of 75,000 high quality investors and community members by publishing your pre-sale link inside the AssetDash application. High sales conversions guaranteed as AssetDash users receive special rewards for participating in your pre-sales. The revenue share contribution is 15% in order to get access and it's simple to get started.


Spin up your customisable pre sale link in a few simple steps. Enable Split Payments for the AssetDash revenue share
Last modified 1mo ago