Get started

Spin up a Pay Link in under 5 minutes to get selling

How do I get started?

  1. Log in to the Helio dashboard

  2. Create payment -> pre-sell NFT collection

  1. Advanced options -> Split Payment -> configure AssetDash wallet 2kzryBbpExHDRcKC3j1qtiq8CRCUFPCysLhLuFziUaMd as a second wallet with a 15% payment share. Learn more about Split Payments

  1. Advanced options -> Access Control -> Wallet allowlist. Allow AssetDash to dynamically update the allowlist via API. See instructions here

  1. Copy the Pay Link URL and share with your AssetDash collaboration manager to publish in the AssetDash app

  1. Transactions -> track all your sales in one place. Export via CSV and share with AssetDash to report back who from the community has purchased

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